Don't let the cops in
a door sign for all your house cat needs (four different prints)
8' x 8' digital colour print

Fierce as Fuck 
sceen print on brown card 

Fierce as Fuck 
back patch by e.war
also available in white/pink ink on black fabric

My Ass Is Mine
1.5 inch button

Fuck that and all this shit 
2 inch button

Cunt Bitch Slut
button set

All Cats Are Beautiful 
hand printed back patches and hankies
black ink or white ink

Fuck That & All This Shit
Hot Pink and Deep Purple Risograph
limited edition of 50

Assorted Handprinted Linocut Sticker Pack
get 8 stickers for 5 bucks
not necessarily the ones pictured here 

Sex Work is Work
1 for a two bucks 
hot orange, hot blue, light blue, or hot yellow

Zinesters do it on the Photocopier
1 for 2 bucks
assorted colours 

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