Cold Spots: History & Horror 
issue one: Guelph
Histories and experiences at two haunted locations in Guelph Ontario
by e.war
16 pages 

Thoughts on conformity to western beauty standards from a Filipino woman
by notyourleo
Quarter letter sized
16 pgs

Hogan's Alley
by Mike Jo & Yann
a people's history of Hogan's Alley in Vancover
half letter sized- b/w- 16pgs

this is more about who we fuck
( and who fucks us).
color cover- half letter sized- b/w- 32pgs

this is about more who we fuck
( and who we don't) take 2
half letter sized- b/w- 24pgs

Fuck You I'm Dyslexic:
an uneditied zine by maggie
experiences growing up with dyslexia    
half letter sized- b/w-44 pgs

experiences with anxiety 
Half letter sized - b/w 36pgs

 Assume Nothing #1
Zine about living with STDs (STIs)
Half letter sized -b/w

Dustin Goes To Vegas
per zine about Dustins visit to Las Vagas to play in a pro poker turnie
by Dustin
Half Letter-b/w 28pgs

Thumbtacks and Razor Blades
Pro Wrestling Fans Confess
compiled by e.war
Half Letter b/w- color 20pgs

Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation?
a zine on culture, respect, allyship, & racism
put together by e.war

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