PerZines and more!

Cold Spots: History & Horror 
issue one: Guelph
Histories and experiences at two haunted locations in Guelph Ontario
by e.war
16 pages 

Thoughts on conformity to western beauty standards from a Filipino woman
by notyourleo
Quarter letter sized
16 pgs

The Second Confessions
the unplanned second issue of Confessions
by notyourleo
16 pgs

e.war's Cook Book for Punks
hand drawn recipe zine by e.war
Quarter letter sized

Broke on Last Leg
by Chantal
Chantal broke her ankle hoping a train yard fence
half letter sized- b/w- 32pgs

Hogan's Alley
by Mike Jo & Yann
a people's history of Hogan's Alley in Vancover
half letter sized- b/w- 16pgs

this is more about who we fuck
( and who fucks us).
color cover- half letter sized- b/w- 32pgs

this is about more who we fuck
( and who we don't) take 2
half letter sized- b/w- 24pgs

Fuck You I'm Dyslexic:
an uneditied zine by maggie
experiences growing up with dyslexia    
half letter sized- b/w-44 pgs

experiences with anxiety 
Half letter sized - b/w 36pgs

 Assume Nothing #1
Zine about living with STDs (STIs)
Half letter sized -b/w

Dustin Goes To Vegas
per zine about Dustins visit to Las Vagas to play in a pro poker turnie
by Dustin
Half Letter-b/w 28pgs

Thumbtacks and Razor Blades
Pro Wrestling Fans Confess
compiled by e.war
Half Letter b/w- color 20pgs

Dismantling the boys club: 
towards the destruction of the patriarchy 
colored paper cover - b/w
62 pages

Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation?
a zine on culture, respect, allyship, & racism
put together by e.war

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