Sex Work Zines

I Swear Its My First Time
experiences in selling sex
complied and illustrated by Marin Boyle
 b/w, half letter size
20 pgs

My Stripper Zine:
how I made stripping work for me
by Jade Polestar
 b/w, half letter size

Confessions of a Teenage Transexual Whore
Issue 1
by Star
24 pages 8.5x 11 with color pages

Confessions of a Teenage Transexual Whore
Issue 2
by Star
44 pages 8.5x 11 with color pages

Queens, Hookers, and Hustlers: 
Organizing For Survival and Revolt Amongst Gender-Variant Sex Workers, 1950-1970
by not yr cister press
colored paper cover - b/w

Ho Lover:
About dating & friending sex workers
by sunny
Hand printed Diamond on cover - b/w

sex work and radical stereotypes
by topi
color paper cover, 16 pages, b/w, half letter size

Audrey Horny: 
my experience as a full service sex worker
by Acolored paper cover - b/w
16 pages

by Anon
color paper - 8pgs

Premier Issue: Coming Out
by Lusty Day
B/W- 24pgs - half legal

Land  Of Make Believe and Dress Up
some of my experiences doing sex work in NYC as a queer anarchist
by rachel
color cover - B/W - 63pgs

Hustle Hustle Hustle
Rants, Raves, & Experiences of a transguy sex worker.
by Gayge
B/W-22 pgs

We Got This!
Volume One: Safe Calls, Screening and Buddy Systems for Sex Workers
by The St. James Infirmary
B/W-36 pgs

Grin and Bare It All
Aginst Liberal Conceptions of Sex Work
by luna celeste
B/W-12 pgs

Anarchists & Sex Work
solidarity or abolition?
by Aaron Lakoff
B/W- 16 pgs