Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Interview with little ole me

The organizers of the Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair  interviewed me, here is the link! check it out...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair!

"Look Mum!" will be at the Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair with our full catalogue, including our newest title: Thumb Tacks & Razor Blades: pro wrestling fans confess.
here are some details:
When: Saturday, November 15th from 10am to 5pm
Where: YWCA Hamilton – 75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton ONAccessibility: The space is accessible, including washrooms.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair

This is happening in November! I just applied for a table, woot woot! I'll let you know if i get a table! here have alink for all the info!

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Zine!

While in Mtl this past May an old pal of mine asked me if I'd like to distro his zine, I knew right away that I would. It's called Hustle Hustle Hustle  Rants, raves, & experiences of a transguy sex worker. Its blog posts in zine format from a blog by a transguy about doing sex work and it gives some real experiences and I new gained new perspectives about sex work from reading it. I'll be proudly distro'ing it for the first this weekend at the Toronto Anarchist Bookfair or if you can't make it out to Toronto contact me and we can work on getting you a copy!

This Weekend !

Look Mum! Zine Distro will be at the Toronto Anarchist Bookfair this weekend both day. I am feverishly  photocopying the distro so have enough to share with ya'll click the link below to find out the details!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

count down has begun

In 4 sleeps we will be tearing up the 401 heading to Montreal for the 14th annual Anarchist bookfair. "look Mum!" will be tabling both days in CEDA 10 am till 5pm. So if yer in town swing on by and if you know someone who will be in town tell them to swing on by, it'll be fun.....and if u can't stand crowds I suggest coming early in the day. There will be workshops, affordable food, art, films, books, zines, info tables, hangouts in the sun (if there is any).
For the bookfair we will have two new zines : Nerve: experiences with anxiety and Assume Nothing#1 as zine about living with STIs. I am pretty excited to be disto'ing these awesome zines about topics that that I feel need more voices sharing experiences and information to destroy social stigmas.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Anarchist Bookfair

Just got confirmation that "look mum!" will be at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair on May 24 & 25 this year. We will be tabling both days and will blog more details as they get sent out. In the mean time check out my pals that will also be tabling that week end:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Find us on Saturday!

This Saturday "Look Mum!" distro will be selling its wears at the Kazoo Print Expo. Along with our regular zine selections we will also have a few other printerly treats to share with you, like earings made from shrinkiny-dink plastic which I printed lino cut beer cans, kitty cats & cassette tapes on then shrunk.... super hip! There with also be, lino cut stickers and postcards, so come see "Look Mum!"distro 11am to 3pm at Mitchell Hall (99 Woolwich St.). Mitchell Hall is a physically accessible space.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Long Awaited Arrow

So its finally here! It has interviews with Mark Stubbs, Zine Club Hmailton, reviews of new ontario made zines and lots of other cool shitza!
If you can't swing by the library to get a copy, send us an email and we can post you one.....
or you can write us at:
The Arrow
box 183
Guelph, Ont

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Where You Can Find Us.

So there are a few places you can find hard copies of some of the zines we distro. If you are in the Hamilton area drop by Hammer City Records and you'll find a little stand packed with zines next to that you'll find some zines from Semo Distro too.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We're Doin' it

After a long long while I have finally decided to get my distro a home on the web. I am by no means a web guy and don't really know how to do this stuff so that's why I chose to do it on Blogger where I can drag and drop and point and click my self a web site. 

I am workin on getting pictures of all the zines Look Mum! distros with a few details. I hope to have blurbs about each one soon, but I'm gonna get them all up so you can see them all before I get the blurbs done.

So check back here soon to see this fucker done, and in the mean time check out "Look Mum!"'s sister and brother projects: The Arrow Archive Zine Library and The Hissing Goose