What does Look Mum! Distro?
To make it simple I distro stuff I like, which includes, Per Zines, Zines about sex work, Art Zines, Queer Zines, Sex Zines, practical radical zines, anarchist zines.... the list goes on but have a look at our stacks for a better idea.

Who is Look Mum!?
My name is e.war I have been caring for and running Look Mum! since its birth. For more info about me and so see other work I get up to hop over to my web site: www.erinwar.xyz

Look Mum! distro was born in a now defunct bar in Hamilton, Ontario while folding zines with a good friend. Over pints of watered down beer and a long arm stapler we brain stormed for a name for the project we had created. Both of our Biological mothers are dead and it was this grieving process that was our first real connection we made a pals and thought that our mothers would be very proud of us and our zine creations so we decided to call our new distro Look Mum! We started out in a white suitcase with just a a few small zines made by friends and now LM Has now grown and holds about 30 titles in its suitcase some made by folks I have never met in person.

Where can I find Look Mum!?
You can find Look Mum! at anarchist book fairs and local zine/arty fairs around s.ont. Don't get out much? well thats why I made this blog, shop around and contact me for ordering and any other questions you got. And prices are always negotiable.

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