Monday, October 10, 2016


I have finally opened a shop for some of my zines and art, you won't find all of the titles from the distro there just yet, but I am working on that! have a look!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Night Market

Hey folks! Look Mum! zine distro will be at the next Guelph Night Market on Firday, November 4th at the Red Chevron Club here in Guelph, at 34 Elizabeth Street (Bus Route: 14 Grange). It is an accessible location with a chair lift (wooot!) and I think it is a LLBO licensed venue. its from 7pm till 11 pm and it's $2 to get in with an optional donation of: Warm winter socks for the Abbeyfield drop in. At the table I'll have a sample of the distro and some new art made by me: e.war
and if yer interested check out my new creative website:  to see more of my personal art, zines and designs.

and here is your precious FB link: